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traditions & faq

provided below are some of the frequently asked questions and answers regarding basic traditions.


why do we yell in taekwondo?

to develop internal and spiritual strength with concentration, power and confidence.

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what is the bow?

the bow is a korean form of greeting.

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why do you bow?

we bow to show sincerity of respect.

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when do you bow?

we bow to the master instructor anytime and anywhere we see him. we also bow as a group at the beginning and end of every class.

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what is a poor student?

the poor student is lazy and simply expects results without sweat.

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what is a good student?

the good student has the desire to learn and to achieve goals.

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what is an excellent student?

the excellent student not only learns techniques but gains knowledge of expressive ability. he/she accepts hard work and sweat, realizing results come from practice and co-practice with others.

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what is the best student?

the best student never gives up trying to learn what he or she needs to learn until it becomes second nature, both in technique and attitude.

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can you explain what makes power?

power is made by weight and speed together with relaxation, concentration, and confidence.

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where are the three attack points when you punch or kick?

the three attack points for punching and kicking are:

  1. high section: under the nose

  2. middle section: solar-plexus

  3. low section: groin 

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why are there different colored belts?

the increase in knowledge and ability is symbolized by the darkness of the colors in the belts as one advances.

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why do we practice breath control?

to develop spiritual strength and endurance.

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do you know why you take a test?

we test to further our knowledge of taekwondo. through test preparation and the test experience we gain confidence by performing under pressure and to let a qualified judge determine the increase of your knowledge.

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what does the word "master" mean to you?

since it means fathering of students, the relationship between a master and a student is like the relationship between a son or daughter and a father.

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what are the three types of self defense?

  1. physical self defense - we can protect our body with taekwondo blocking, punching, and kicking techniques.

  2. health self defense - by practicing taekwondo, we can build our immune system which will enable us to defend our body from getting cold and other illnesses.

  3. social self defense - by earning higher belt ranks, we can build confidence which will help us to increase our self-esteem.  


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how does taekwondo differ from other martial arts?

  1. karate originated in japan and uses 40% leg and 60% hand techniques.

  2. kung fu originated in china and uses soft, circular motion techniques.

  3. judo originated in japan and uses throwing and falling techniques.

  4. taekwondo originated in korea and uses 80% leg and 20% hand techniques.

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what are three basic points to remember in taekwondo?

taekwondo's three basic points are:
  1. eye focus

  2. good balance

  3. loud, strong kiyap 

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what are the five points to remember when doing forms?

the five points to remember when doing forms are:
  1. both hands twist together - one hand twists out while at the same time the other hand twists in.

  2. both hands pull together - the two hands pull together at the same time.

  3. straight line - your hand should move in a straight line towards your target.

  4. waist power - each block or punch should be delivered using waist power.

  5. use accurate distance and angle with explosive impact power.

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