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Grand Master Sun Du Hwang

I started with taekwondo at the age of seven. introduced to me by my uncle in korea, i continued my practice of this treasured korean art throughout my school years. after i completed high school, i attended yong in university, one of the top taekwondo institutions of learning. there i became team captain and acquired several of my 10 national championships, competing with the best of the best in the world.

after my tenure at yong in university, i moved on to join the korean marine corps team where i trained for three years. the training was very rigorous, to the point where exhaustion did not exist. soon after i left the marine corps, i returned to yong in university and attained the remainder of my 10 national championships while being team captain and coach. after a number of years, i left yong in university again to go teach and train at a physical high school, which is a high school that offers classes for higher athletes.

i taught there for a year and then moved to the united states to open a taekwondo school. that school is called hwang's taekwondo, and i have been teaching students there for over 18 years. i have produced numerous us national champions, international champions, and jr. world champions; i have also produced thousands of black belts. i have coached the washington state team since 1987, the us national collegiate team since 1992, and the us national team several times. i am currently the president of the washington state taekwondo association and the vice president of the us collegiate taekwondo association, and a member of the united states taekwondo union coaching science committee. i am currently a 8th dan black belt, a grand master in taekwondo, and a 4th dan black belt in hap kido and judo.

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