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Photo Day

Your martial arts photos are ready to order!

Order now for free shipping



Photos ordered within a week from now will be processed and delivered to the martial arts school.  There will be NO SHIPPING charges during this time.

Photos ordered AFTER the first ordering period will have SHIPPING CHARGES ADDED to your order and will ship to the address you put on your order.

For students to be on the school photo poster, they must have an order placed for their photos before the poster is made.  School photo posters are usually made 1-2 months after photo day so please make sure to get your order put in soon if you are not able to place it during the free shipping period.



Please log into the Striking Image website at

If you do not have a Striking Image account you will need to create one first.

Then, go to the order page and find your school name: Hwangs Taekwondo 2023

The password for your school this year is: sidekick23

Next, follow the instructions to search for your photos, add them to your cart, and choose what you would like before checking out.


Thank you for participating in photo day!  If you have any questions about ordering, please contact the photographer.


Jim Mooney,         503-939-7075

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