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Check in → Spectator seating area → Announcement for Holding area → HOLDING AREA → COMPETITION AREA (Mat)

  • Check in : Upon arriving at the event site, all athletes will need to check-in at Event Registration (check-in/registration site) prior to the start of competition.Please pick up competitor tag and Breaking boards.

  • Holding area: It is an area inside the venue designated for athletes and coaches to wait before their matches are about to be called onto the competition area.Announcements will be made throughout the day at the venue to inform competitors to report to the Holding Area at the appropriate time. (Parents are not allowed to enter)

Please bring water bottle for Sparring competition. (Disposable)

Northwest Taekwondo Festival

May 18, 2024

Festival Location: Everett Community College (Walter Price Fitness Center)

2206 Tower Street, Everett, WA 98201

*Board Breaking  registration includes 2 boards.  Additional board $3 (Cash Only)

Admission The gym has bleacher seating for all spectators

Age 6 & under - Free

Age 7-12         - $10

Age 13 and up - $15

Schedule – Check in 30 minutes before the event.







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